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LATC Home Page

Welcome To The LATC  Web Site!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site. Check back often. We try to keep the site updated. Before you leave sign our guestbook and let us what you think.

We are a group of people who love antique and old tractors, no matter the color.

LaSalle Antique and Tractor Club was started October 2009 to help pass along information and encourage the younger generation to keep the past running.


LaSalle Antique and Tractor Club
% Skeet Cooper    
3137 Old Harrisonburg Rd
Jena  LA  71342

LATC Mobile Web Site

If you are on the go and have a smart phone you can check in our web site. The address is the same as this one. You can see everything on the mobile site as you can see here. Check back often. We like to keep the site up to date.

LATC Facebook

We just started our Facebook page. It is listed LaSalle Antique and Tractor Club. Come and join us.

Photo Of The Week

Keep an eye out for a photo of the week. You don't have to be a club member to send me a photo. It don't have to be of a tractor. It can be a place or anything as long as it is clean. I have to look hard to keep a new photo of the week. If you have one or take one you can email it to me at  Put Photo Of The Week in the subject line on your email. You can also bring it to me at the club meeting on a SD Card or Flash Drive. I bring a laptop to the meetings.

Our Club Dues Will Be Due In January. Please Don't Forget.

The LATC Pull For March 19th Has Been Called Off Due To The Weather


Link for more pictures from the 2015 LATC Fall Fest.

The sign for our sled (The Mule) donated by Kim Taylor from the Air Brush Shop.

LATC Officers

Setting Roselea Cooper Secretary / Treasury Standing left to right Doug Hallmark Sr. President and Web Master, Bill Melder Safety Director, Joe Roberts Vice President, Doug Hallmark Jr. Board of Director.

This Thresher Was Donated To LATC By
Linda L. Ellis Grumbles
As we find more history on it and the make we will post it here on our site. It had not been out of the barn in over 70 years.
Thanks from LATC for this donation.

Hello Doug,
Apologies for the tardiness of this information. My Mother came over to spend the afternoon and it has been quite a hectic day. Again, I can not tell you how thrilled I am to see the thrasher placed into such confident hands.
Not sure what info you needed from me but you now have the correct spelling of my name which is a biggie for many folks. You probably know the history of the machine, a transplant from Kentucky in around 1917… I now represent the 4th generation of Ellis' to have the privilege of calling this wonderful old place home. I have been here approximately 3 months and look forward to turning it into a lifetime.
I look forward to watching your progress with the thrasher as well as seeing many of the other projects you guys have brought back to glory! It is evident you all have hours of fun together and truly have a passion for what you do. I feel honored to have seen yell in action. I will watch your website for future events and look forward to seeing you again soon.
If you have any questions for me or this is not the information you are looking for please et me know
Your friend,
Linda L. Ellis Grumbles

Tractor Blues With An Old Hit And Miss Engine

America's Old Iron Museum - 7th Annual Antique Tractor & Engine Show - November 5, 2011

LATC Pulling Rules



Taken fron EDGE&TA Safety Guidelines --See EDGE website for complete guidelines.


1. All pullers must be members of EDGE&TA.

2. All tractors in pull must be 30 years or older.

3. In accordance with current Insurance Underwriter requirements, no tractor capable of producing more than  100 horsepower will be allowed.

4. No tractor with other than manufacturer's standard engine allowed. (NO AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES ALLOWED!)

5. Tractors must have the stock engine, frames, transmission, rear end, and axle housings or manufacturer's replacement.

6. All tractors must be equipped with working brakes.

7. Tractors should maintain original stock appearance. Straight pipes allowed. All tractors should have a kill switch installed in reach of the operator and in good working order.

8. Gasoline, diesel, or LP fuels only.

9. All drawbars and hitches must be stationary in all directions, and locked. LATC max hitch hight 20".

10. Never hook up to the pulling tractor until operator has put tractor in neutral and raised their hands.

11. Only one person on a tractor at a time. Drivers must remain seated during pull from start to end.

12. All drivers must have a valid driver's license. Those under 16 years of age must have parent/guardian permission and be supervised by said person during pull.

13. Any violations observed by the flag person or safety officer  while in the staging area or during the pull will mean automatic disqualification.

14.  Any tractor left unattended with engine running, the owner/driver will be disqualified.

15. THE TRACK FLAG MAN RULES- Tractor operator must stop forward motion of tractor when red flag is raised, no matter what circumstances are involved.

16. NO spectators within 30 feet of track.

17. If anything falls off of tractor during pull, the tractor is disqualified.

18. 1st or 2nd gear NOT to exceed 3.5 mph. Torque shifting not allowed. 


 This Added 9-9-2011








1.   May increase or decrease tire sizes by two sizes.


2.   May have dual or modified exhaust.


3.   May have aftermarket air intake (no blowers or turbo charges unless factory           equipped.)


4.   Must retain stock engine, head, block, and carburetion.  Exceptions ? LP gas or butane      conversions will be allowed.


      5.   Bored blocks are allowed.


      6.   Stroked cranks, power blocks, competition grind cams are not allowed.


7.   Can add weights to pull in different classes.


8.   If you plan on adding weights or pull in multiple classes you must register your tractor      before pulling starts.  Once pulling starts no changes will be made or refunds given. 


9.   There will be a hook fee for each class you register in. 


      Fees or maximum hooks for re-hook or pull offs will not apply. 


10. The winner of a class may move up to next class, but must pay hook fee for that class.


11. LATC official reserve the right to DQ any tractor or driver that doesn?t meet or comply    with rules.







1.   All stock rules apply except as follows.


2.   No limit on tire sizes


3.   May have head, block, or carburetion modifications to original manufacture equipment.


4.   No tractor capable of producing 100 horse power will be allowed.


5.   Will allow cut tires.


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